When I was a wee lad, my grandfather used to draw landscapes – complete with houses, trees, clouds, and an assortment of  animals! – for me to color. I preferred these drawings to any coloring book.

The scenes came from his memories of growing up in a village, surrounded by fields, a forest, horses grazing in meadows, sheep dotting the slopes of lush hills, and dogs with colorful names announcing the arrival of the postman. He transfered these images to me, and as I colored, he told me of his life as a boy.

Whether it’s genetic or something I’ve learned, I’ve always enjoyed putting my world down on paper in doodles and sketches.

My not so slight obsession with colors, shapes, and patterns in nature has also found it’s way into my artsy craftsy endeavors. There is so much beauty in details, in places where we might not expect it.

The patterns on this site are bits and pieces of my inner world that I wish to share with others. I hope you will enjoy them! 🙂



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